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My Recent listening tells me I’ve listened to nine hours of music today so far - which is puzzling because I’ve not listened to anything. It also says I listened for 41 hours last week, when I listened for no more than 10 or 12. I can’t see where this music is being played. I closed the app everywhere but the number of hours kept rising. Any suggestions?


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Supposedly you have initiated playback on a Zone which may or may not be audible. (another input on the amp, very low volume etc)
Closing the app does not stop playback, you have instructed the Core/Server to play music towards an audio Zone. Also, the default setting is to enable Roon Radio for each Zone (visible on the Now Playing-screen) which will randomly select and continue playback of music “in the same vein” as you initiated.

Feel free to have a look in the knowledge base on each of the mentioned keywords! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I think I tracked it down to my Bluesound Node, which I haven’t used for at least a week. I didn’t realise a zone could still be playing if another one was being used.

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You can play different music to different zones or you can group them to play the same (grouping only for zones of the same type)

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Good to know, thanks. Every day’s a school day!

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I once left an album on repeat and then went on a holiday. LOL.


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