Recent listening stats

I find this info of not much value personally. Seems like a filler of space for want of better ideas. Keen to hear how others use this and if any interesting insights can be drawn from it. :thinking:

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Sorry to say I strongly disagree and would like to see more development on these features and listening tracking in general.

I don’t think it impinges on core low level features and is probably worked on by different team members.

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I love this feature and would love more.

Spotify wrapped but done in Roon would be fantastic and having the level of detail that Last FM provides would be a massive value add ( I pay for Last FM).

For me I like the stats (from Last FM), helps me identify which albums I want to buy and its interesting to see the shape of the genres I listen to over time. The wrapped feature just seems like a cool personal history in music, spotify doesn’t allow easy browsing of them but Roon could.