Recent tab: is there a way to show more albums?

The “Recent” tab in the Android app only shows 20 albums. Is there a setting somewhere that controls how many albums appear in this tab? I would prefer to see the 100 or 200 most recently added albums in “Recent” if possible.

If this isn’t a setting now, it would be super cool if it could be added in a future version of the app!


All of my devices are defaulting to the mobile rather than tablet version of the application. I’m in the market for a new tablet regardless, but can anyone confirm if the tablet version of the Android app displays more than 20 albums in the Recent tab?

I have the same question. I am used to iPeng for squeezeboxen, which allows the user to set any value for this. The value is Roon is far too small to be useful!

In an ideal world, I would love it if the “Recent” tab in the mobile app opened the Albums view sorted by Date Added. I’ve started using this view rather than “Recent” on my phone, but it’s hidden a few clicks deep in the application so it’s not great from a CX perspective.

“Recent” seems like an entirely redundant and under-featured version of the Album Browser, so consolidating those features could be a good idea!

If you create a bookmark for the view you want it might save you a couple clicks getting to the album view sorted by date added…