Recently added-Albums consistently shows old music as rect. WHY?

Roon Core Machine

ASUS Z87 running Windows 7 Professional.

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Description of Issue

Not sure why this happens, but I like to add music from QOBUZ and then go to my Albums-Recently added.

For some reason much of my old music shows up as recently added, different every day.

The sort does show some of the true recently added files/albums, but not at the top of the list, and interspersed with old files.

Hi @Peter_Pollnow,

Thank you for patiently awaiting an official response from Roon.

Please take a look at our article here. We don’t currently do any testing for anything below Windows 10.

Several questions to clarify your situation. Could you please complete the rest of the template for this problem? Also, are you looking at recently played instead of recently added?

One more thing to check in the screenshot below:


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