"Recently Added" missing?

This release has messed up a great overview screen. All the music that was recently added has gone and now have a duplication of Discover. Please change this back ASAP.

You can toggle it back to Recently Added and it should persist that way.

There appears to be no option to toggle back. Please advise. Also lost all data from Audio Analysis.

All data from audio analysis?

Yes. Almost like it is as per original install.

I’m asking what you mean by audio analysis missing?

Settings, Library, Background Audio Analysis

How do you know all the data is missing?

It’s possible that @Crispy is meaning that the waveforms of local tracks are now showing as flat (as for streamed tracks), and that he is not seeing the Recently Added/Played section. This is usually a symptom of the Roon Remote not being updated to Build 571…

This is what I mean. Recent tracks have now appeared after I added an album. Waveform gone.

Have you updated the control device to the latest build? Everything needs to be on 571.

Yes I have. First thing I did

Could you post a screen shot of your versions? Because your symptoms sound weird

After restarting iPads, iPhones and NUC a couple of times it has cleared. The Overview screen had the ‘recent’ area completely missing and started with ‘New Releases For You’ from Qobuz.

This is what has happened to me! I don’t know how to get the Recently Added ‘header’ back?? My version, on my Nuc + says Version 1.7 (build 555) stable. This is ONLY happening on my desktop Roon, not on my iPad, iPhone, etc…

All of remote devices (IPads & IPhones) updated, but my desktop version is still at 555…how do you do a manual update? I got a request to update ALL devices and like usual I said yes…ever since I’ve had this issue. Please advise?

You can do so in Roon Settings -> About or install the latest version of the app from our Downloads Page.

Actually my Core was ‘stuck’ in Searching for updates mode and the 555 version. My Remote had updated. I solved the issue my going to my Nuc+ in my rack, and doing a hard reset…unplugged it for 30 seconds, plugged it back in and when I got back to my desktop Core the message had changed to ‘downloading’. When the download was completed and I had version 571, all was as it should be with Recently Added back at the top! Thanks for your ideas, when in doubt, reboot!

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