Recently played

I use Recently Played in Live Radio more than My Live Radio because it’s simply faster/easier to locate what I want in the recently played view.

Perhaps this could/should be a Feature Request to add Recently Played to My Live Radio or move the existing there.

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…today Recently Played in Live Radio is absent, not showing…where did it go?

Restarted client, no change, maximized screen and now it shows. I believe this is a known bug…

Now that Recently Played it back, only 4 categories show instead of 8 or 9 when Recently Played wasn’t visible.

Hi @Larry_Post, I was going over old open threads and saw this one. Is this still a problem?

No, all good. Sorry I forgot to update post. It returned after a day or three all on it’s own (from my perspective).


No problem. I’ll close thread. Thanks.