Recently Roon remote cannot find core

I have Roon server running on Windows 10 Pro x64. In general, things work.

But … In the last few days, neither of my Android devices that I had been successfully using to control the core is able to find the core (“Looking for your Roon Core”). I experimented with turning off the firewall on the Windows system, to no avail.

Ideas about where to look?

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Has there been a Windows update recently?

I applied 1903 to my system a few weeks back.

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I have had the same issue the past week, but I thought it was happening because I started ROCK with a USB-stick attached for handling the DB backups.

Whatever the reason, everything usually works after device + ROCK has been restarted.

Hi @James_Antognini,

  • Can you please let me know more information regarding your network setup here? What kind of router do you have (model/manufacturer) and is this connected to the network via WiFi or Ethernet?

  • Are your Roon Remotes on the same network as the Core, and not on a “guest network” of sorts or on a different subnet?

  • Have you made sure to add both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe as exceptions to your Windows Firewall and also to any other Antivirus firewalls which you may have? You can find these .exe in the Database Location/Application path.

  • Does rebooting the Core, Android Remotes and Network have any change in behavior?

  • Do you only have Android Roon Remotes in this setup? Are any other types or Roon Remotes able to properly connect to the Core if you have such devices (iOS/other PCs/ect.)?

Just now I reset my cable modem (Arris TG3482G), and then I updated the firmware of my NetGear 8000P Router and rebooted the router. Now my 2 Android phones work as Roon remotes, as does my Apple tablet (mini iPad). My Android table (Samsung Galaxy Tab E 32GB), when using the cable modem’s WiFi, still cannot find the Roon core, but the tablet can find the core when using the NetGear router’s WiFi. I’ll stick to the latter connection for the tablet.

Hi @James_Antognini,

This is because the modem and the router are essentially operating on two different subnets, the modem’s WiFi has it’s own range typically (192.168.1.XXX for example) and the router has it’s own (192.168.2.XXX) and Roon does not support operation across two subnets. I would suggest connecting all of your devices to the same router & WiFi name to ensure that they are operating on the same subnet.

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