Recommend me some headphones

Looking to get some new headgear for on the move listening. Needs to have wired and have Bluetooth Aptx/hd as will use wireless when travelling. Needs to be over ear and have active noise cancelling. No Bose as they are overpriced and don’t do Aptx.

So any recommendations for a price no more than 400 of my English pounds sterling.


Sony seems to be popular…google is your friend

I know that but would like some real input from folks on here though.

I have mark 2 of the Sony, part number WH1000XM2. There is a WH1000XM3 that is meant to be even better.

I love these headphones, bought some for my wife, then got some refurbished one for myself I liked them so much.

Nose cancelling is great, very comfortable and the sound quality is excellent. If you have a new Android phone, you can set them up to use Sony’s LDAC codec for Bluetooth. Really makes a difference in my opinion. If you get it from Amazon you can always return it if you don’t like it.

The mk2 refurbished was down under $300 and I’ve had zero issues.

Sennheiser momentum 2 over ear

I got mine in Dixon’s duty free/airport. Listened to Bose qc, Sony and b&w px. I’d advise taking a phone and some tracks as they let me test (I used pink Floyd dark side of the moon as it has a good range and I know it well). Sony was good but waaay too much bass. PX was spot on.

Apparently you can reduce bass on the sony with the app. Went with the b&w which have been great. Noise cancellation is not as good as Sony but is good enough and did the job on the 4hr flight and 2hr bus transfer.
Many moans about comfort on reviews, but I have worn for 4-6 hrs with no problems. Usbc handy as it charges and works easily with laptop. Has aptx and the app updating firmware over Bluetooth worked well. lifting from the ear to pause works reliably for me and I haven’t regretted decision. However I have friends who prefer the (bass) of the Sony (they must be tone deaf I think, but I like b&w sound - so much I got their speakers recently as an upgrade from Kef r700. Have one friend who prefers the Bose and another two who prefer sennheiser. If wired then I’d look at the massdrop hd6xx but you have to wait for that and wanted wireless …hope that helps

That all said - noticed they have new Sony -xm3 which is usbc - definately worth a listen. More comfortable and better noise cancellation Vs better sound quality if wearing for shorter periods…

Not sure if these hit all your needs, but I know I will be looking at them. I like the research behind them.

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is it essential to have the bluetooth built in? I have an Astell & Kern XB10 APTX HD dongle which is fantastic. It’ll even drive my T1’s. For perhaps 80 quid, it’ll then open up options for some great non wireless phones.

Not against it having a dongle if it’s not too obtrusive and plugs in the headphones but looking at that it still needs a cable, I don’t want cable it’s messy for on the move.

They sound good but not available in UK yet.

I like the Sony’s and heard them and the B&W Px and preferred the Sony. But have been put off by all the complaints of the joints breaking. Yours been fine then in that regards?

Seem pretty robust to me. The reviews have made me a little more careful, but it seems that it was an initial quality problem.

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Thanks everyone. I think I might give the new Sony 1000mx3 a listen.

the cable plugs into the dongle, not sure there’s any other way to go other than that with such things.

however it does have a convenient clip which allows it to be clipped to your shirt, etc.

For me, the benefits to being able to consider premium SQ phones and APTX HD potential, to use on the go, outweigh the minor inconv of the cable. YMMV :slight_smile:

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Sennheiser Momentum 2 wireless as above, I did an real check with out Sennheiser agent they had every pair

Bose QC 35 is Bluetooth, their noise cancelling is the best. I use QC25 for planes and mobile . SQ is very close to my main HD800s

Audition with Flac , maybe get the Onkyo HF player , it upsamples and plays Hi Res on my iPad


My advice is to buy 2 pairs: the Sony WH1000XM3 for on the go and a decent headphone and headphone amp for audiophile listening. Go to a good personal HiFi store to listen and compare.

I have the Sennheiser pxc 550 which I endeed up buying after listening and comparing to Sony and Bose. The ANC is on par with Bose but not quite as good as the Sony. Soundwise the Senns were better than Sony and Bose.

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The Beyerdynamic DT990 has a very nice sound, they are an older model, but still available at good prices.

They are also very comfortable.

But wired and no noise cancelling? If so don’t fit the brief set by the OP.

I never use headphones apart from on the go so waste of money for me. I just don’t need to listen using them any other time. Besides my dac already has a dedicated headphone amp in it.