Recommendation for inexpensive RAAT endpoint/amp

Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive RAAT-compatible endpoint/dac/amp? This would connect to ceiling speakers in a zone used for background listening, so I don’t need anything fancy. I’m currently using a Sonos amp, which would be fine, except it isn’t RAAT compatible so I can’t merge that zone with other zones.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like the Bluesound Powernode 2i might be your best bet:

Alternatively, the Lumin M1 is a step-up:

Or a Raspberry Pi with Ropieee

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Was going to suggest IQAudio DigiAmp+ but seems out of stock everywhere, maybe HIfiBerry Amp2?

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Chromecast does not run RAAT so sync with other RAAT zones wouldn’t work.

Bluesound just updated the Node 2i and Powernode 2i with the Node and Powernode, no more numbers after the name. I had a Node 2i and my dealer replaced it with a New Node because I was within the 45 days return window. Even that they were released just 3 days ago, they are Roon Ready from day 1 and they show up in Roon Partners section as Roon Ready.

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Personally, I would use a Raspberry Pi as a bridge. The Pi will support RAAT and output digital audio (depending on your choice of hardware.) I’m sure there are plenty of people reading this who will offer their support if you feel uncomfortable assembling the solution. OR, you could buy a complete HW/SW solution from one of several sources. Once upon a time, I was using AirPlay into my AppleTV. Sound was horrible; dull, compressed, flat. I built a Raspberry Pi with a coax output. I connected it to my AVR and the sound quality is just so superior! Not like my pure audio rig, but for the great room… perfectly adequate. My wife noticed and she is not into quality as much as lyrics.

I put together a RPi with display feeding SMSL Sanskrit 10th V2 DAC into a very cheap, used Rotel RA870, which I spent a few pennies recapping. Drives my Emotiva B1+ speakers and a modded HD83 tube headphone amp in my office/workshop/man cave. Way less than the cost of a Powernode.