Recommendation for upgrade

I’m looking for some recommendations on my audio system. I currently have a iMac as a core and have been using an Airport Express connected to my Cambridge CXA80 integrated amplifier or plugging my laptop into the Cambridge via USB. I want to get rid of the computer entirely if possible and want to be able to use something better than the Airport as a streamer. I was looking at the Bluesound Vault 2, the Auralic Altair, and the ELAC discovery. And also the sonicTransporter and microrendu. I was also considering getting a dedicated server for the core so I don’t have to keep waking up my iMac before I can use Roon. I don’t have a NAS and my library is pretty small and I do a lot of Tidal streaming. What are some recommended products for my situation?

I have a microRendu and its a dandy device. With some guidance from some forum members, I just put together a HiFiBerry DAC Pro Raspberry Pi 3, and it rocks for under $150 shipped. Roon capable. I am hard wired to the media center via a gigabit switch (you could probably use a bridge or something in lieu of hard wiring) and the thing hasn’t skipped a beat since I installed it. Been listening to the HiFiBerry more than the mR or my Bryston player since installing it.

Hard wiring is best if you can swing it…use wifi for the ipads, etc.

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I Second the HiFiBerry, Its an affordable solution that just works.

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how does it sound compared to other devices?

That’s a pretty subjective question Todd. The Analog DAC plus model sounds very good. If you want the signature of your DAC get the Digital (toslink/SPDIF) model.

I was just asking for your guys personal opinion. Have you heard anything about the SMS-200?