Recommendation for Weiss dealer in US?

Has anyone in the group had good experience with and can recommend a dealer in the US for the Weiss DAC 501? I live in a small town in New England and expect to be doing this long distance, so region within the lower 48 isn’t particularly important.

Thanks for your help.

This is the official dealer listed on the Weiss website:

Suppliers | Weiss Engineering Ltd.

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Call Mike Bovaird at Suncoast Audio in Sarasota Florida. Great dealer, great guy. I’ve bought quite a lot of gear from Mike, been down to his store several times (I live in Kentucky).

Thanks @rrwmd. I’d seen the Suncoast pages, but a recommendation from a happy customer makes a difference.


You’re welcome. Can’t say enough about Mike. Incredibly knowledgeable and super friendly. Came up to visit me last summer and help position my new Kharma dB11-S speakers.