Recommendation for windows software to keep back up drives in sync

Looking for an easy way to keep copies of my music backed up and in sync.

I have used GoodSync with success in the past…


thank you. i’ll check it out


Allway Sync

+1 for GoodSync.

A word of caution regarding synchronising files across drives: this is neither the same nor as reliable as backups. If a file is corrupt or altered in some way synchronising may result in a backup copy being overwritten too.

It’s preferable to create incremental backups (some of the synchronisation programs refer to this as a one-way sync) with snapshots.

Thanks Martin. I only do backups. I backup on file change to local networked drives and then dupe the backups to a archive I keep in the safe (every couple of months)

Looking for an app that I can control from Android. Or at least one that sends me notifications on successful back ups.

I use Duplicacy (command line) but there is a GUI version for Windows and Mac. This will send email notifications. However, your backup is only readable by the backup applications. Probably not what you’re looking for, but I highly rate this software.

I use freefilesync.