Recommendation - replace MOCK with STi5?

I run ROCK (MOCK) on a older PC (2013 i7 quad) with a decent smps and SSD over Ethernet to PS Audio DirectStream DAC Bridge II. I don’t upsample but do use convolution. No dropouts, CPU is not taxed.

PC is on a separate circuit, all audio gear is on dedicated 10awg feeding PS Audio P10, gear fed by P10.

The PC lives in a closet, far away from audio gear and my ears, Ethernet switches are powered by linear ps.

What is the opinion regarding the Sonictransporter i5, would I see any improvement in sound quality given my setup?

I know, I need to try it for myself, and I might based on what feedback I get otherwise I don’t want to waste my or Andy’s time.

There may be some comfort in a newer box with guarantees and support but I wouldn’t necessarily do it expecting things to sound better. If it does it is a bonus.

No impact for me. I’ve been in Information Technology for the past 30 years, networking and security. I have access to numerous recently retired computers and all the skills need to fix/replace, tune bios settings, etc.

I just hear about all these tweaks done or specific motherboards selected for low noise, along with the ability to power it with a linear power supply, that I get curious.

I have absolutely nothing broken, I’m only interested in spending the money if I gain SQ.

I guess its not believed to be worth the trouble or expense. I have to presume a business PC is just as good.

I have a STi5. Nice piece of kit and I use it for Roon. I’ve purchased several servers from small green computers over the years and service has always been excellent.

I don’t think the STi5 will change the sound quality over your current setup. The beauty of these players distributed away from the computer running, as in Roon, is as long as player/DAC receives a bit perfect stream, you’re good.

From what we have heard a server does make a difference in sound. This is probable because of the low noise design (both electrical and acoustic) and low latency Linux OS.

Here is a well know reviewer that also heard an improvement in sound by using the sonicTransporter.

If you use a Linear power supply to power the sonicTransporter it can improve the sound even more but this improvement is much smaller then going from a standard computer to a sonicTransporter.

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The sonicTransporter’s are great. I have a sonicT i5 and an i7 (which I’ve given to my old man) and they both work flawlessly. Plenty of grunt too. Fanless and headless.

The support is first class also.

Highly recommended.

Thanks all for the feedback.