Recommendation to increase performance?

It really is easy to do. For building the NUC itself there are lots of YouTube videos showing the steps. For doing the ROCK bit, ask away here.

I went to Micro Center and purchased an 8th gen i7 NUC on Saturday.

It really wasn’t tough to “build” and load the software. The longest part was actually copying all my FLAC files to a new disk drive I purchased to attach to the NUC.

The new NUC running Roon OS/Rock is indeed a lot faster than my old Windows 10 i5 desktop PC with 32GB memory.

Lots of videos on YouTube on how to get it up and running, and we’re all here to help!

Two and a half thousand Euros for a Mac Mini. What a time to be alive.

I could have quite a few spares for my £300 second hand eBay NUC for that.

I’ll stick with my bog std Windows 10, i7, 16 G RAM , desktop, noisy as a tractor but nowhere near my “chair”

140 k tracks

Apple are too rich for me , considering that you never really look at the visuals on the server end …

Spend the money on a sexy control device , iPad Pro 12.9 or the like that’s what you look at


So pleased that you have decided to go with the very first first recommendation, I am sure that you won’t regret it, and don’t worry the BIOS thing is trivial.

The trick to a successful ROCK on NUC build is to use the install guide, and understand that at each stage you may have to go off to another document to complete that step, and then return to the original install document and carry on from where you left off; repeat for each step and at the end sit down with a fine single malt (or whatever), and a smile on your face.

I moved from Windows 10 to rock on a nuc and haven’t gone near it since, just sits there and works.

Did your W10 set-up have issues?

Windows Update.
An issue for us all.

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Nuff said !!


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Well, not ALL of us. It depends on the version being used.

Has the new Mac Mini audio dropout issue been resolved?

Aside from all the Mac tweaks, upgrades and Windows stuff…IMO pure bare-bones Linux is the way to go. I built my end-points from the ground up using Arch Linux. Just the core and nothing more, then I installed Roon bridge and gave it a tuneup with my own special brand of kernel tuning etc.

Dietpi can give you a pretty bare-boned experience but I tend to lean toward Arch Linux instead of Debian for audio applications. When I have time [probably during the holidays] I’m going to build a pure bare-bone x86 Arch for Roon Core. I don’t go the NUC route, instead I just use miniITX, i7 processor and 32gb of RAM.

Single purpose, lightening fast, appliances with 100% dependability.

I do nothing special , accept the updates as they come, I have never had a blip. Sometimes it’s a bit sluggish when there is a pending update that’s just a reboot.

I live in Johannesburg where we get enormous thunderstorms in summer so it’s shut down most nights and rebooted whether that helps I don’t know

It’s not exactly a clean machine , it’s my dev machine has SQL Server running permanently and all sorts loaded.

Also has JRiver running in the background

All said it just runs …

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