Recommendation viz community and knowledge base

Hi Ladies and Gents

I was wondering if it may be a good idea to have a prominent link on the community header to the Knowledge Base and also perhaps to the Roon site itself? The community seems curiously detached to it’s better half in this regard :slight_smile:

How many times have readers been told to check out the Knowledge Base but there’s no indication of where it may be :slight_smile:


Good suggestion.

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Absolutely, we community mods have been asking for that for months … actually since the RKB came out.
Roon did make one attempt but it screwed up the forum page, hoping they will revisit it once more.

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:slight_smile: Ok Carl! Best of luck with your lobbying :slight_smile:

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It’s not a case of lobbying, but limitations with the Discourse forum software. Believe me, we’d like some permanent links up there too.

@Joel, just a (perhaps silly) thought: you sometimes “pin” messages/topics on top of the forum, mainly news about a Roon update. Would it perhaps be both possible and a good idea to permanently pin a link to the KB, and perhaps a FAQ, to avoid the same questions over and over again? It would help both newbies and existing users/moderators/support.


Just noticed this @joel. Great to see it works! :+1:t2::smiley:

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