Recommendations Anyone: Network Switch


I need to clean up the mess I’ve made connecting all my devices to my home network. At this point, I’m thankful I haven’t managed to strangle myself. I’m a barely functioning, sloppy geek with absolutely zero networking skills (just enough to cause me headaches). I’m in the process of building a new house and would like to home run all my network cables to a single cabinet in the basement.

I will be subscribing to a fiber ISP. Can someone please recommend a decent network switch that will take full advantage of the gigabyte internet service provided on fiber?

Thanks for any and all input.


Cisco small business switch. Something in the 2960 range that is both GB capable and has SFP ports if needed.

The Unifi gear is great. I have separate switch/radio/gateway but they have an all-on-one unit now called Dream Machine.