Recommendations for a good start

Very interesting as it could be so much easier to install this way.
How far is your core from the acces point? any walls in between?

My house is typical South African !! Concrete and brick, I have untold issues with WiFi, I fitted a cable to get around it

It’s easy enough to try, use wi fi if you get dropouts or skipping tracks that’s a bad sign, if you are studding walls it should be ok

Maybe use 5ghz there is generally less interference, I have issues in the evening when neighbors start using wi fi , very little in the day

Good luck

Just as a general warning. A large proportion of the “I have a problem” threads on this forum resolve to networking issues and the recommendation always comes back to hard wire the roon server.
It absolutely may work wirelessly but…
Give it a go and see how it works for you and fingers crossed it will be great. :grinning:

I live in Sweden, so the houses here are quite sturdy, like @Mike_O_Neill describes, just that we try and keep out the cold, rather than the heat! :wink:
My router (Asus RT N66U) is placed centrally in my apartment on the second floor. It’s 2.4Ghz WIFI is picked up by a Linksys AP300N in the basement (two stories down, all concrete and bricks) which is connected to a simple Gb-switch. The NAS connects to the switch, as well as a file server which is occasinally used for backing up music and documents.
2.4Ghz works best for me, better signal strength but lower transfer speeds. I still do about 150mbps over this link which is enough for most situations.

Thanks a lot guys for your support and interesting remarks.
In the meanwhile, I think I found a decent solution. I will probably let my Core close to hifi system , connected over ethernet, but I will use a fanless case (and maybe later an LPSU) to avoid potential fan interference from the NUC. I will give it a try. what do you think?
My NUC should arrive in the coming days, I look forward for installing all that and be a happy roon user

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I have a standard NUC in a HiFi cabinet that has doors and except for when I imported the library I have never heard the fan at all. I had a fanless NUC previously and haven’t noticed any difference with my standard one. I’d try it and see.

Hi all,
Thanks again for your help!
NUC received, Roon Rock installed!! happy!
At this stage, the NUC fan is always running (noisy), I bet after the install, library scan and backgournd analysis over, the fan will stabilize? right? Anyway, I have the fanless case =, on its way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have also seen that I imported some badly tagged files, Is there any chance Roon repare that automatically?
When I open Roon, I have recently imported files prompted first. Unfortunately these lastly imported files are the ones with issues (compilations, that I never listen to). Is there any way to change to configure the overview so that it prompts what I like?

yes it should

Just use Roon for some time. Once you start to add new music in a regular manner it probably will turn out to be useful to see the latest additions to your library in Overview. :wink:

I think that will depend

  • on your Import settings - see Settings >>> Library >>> Import Settings and
  • if Roon has metadata for those files in its metadata cloud.

I can attest to that. My NUC sits on top of my stereo furniture, and it’s dead silent. I did set the bios to minimal fan levels, mind.
Mine is a NUC7i3

Thanks for your answers.
As soon as background analysis was over, NUC got silent. It just wakes up sometimes if I upsample to dsd256. In any case, I have a fanless casing on the way.

Other question, I am using the Roon app on Android. Everything is fine, but I am wondering if there is the possibility to have quick access keys like play/pause, next/prev accessible outside of the app, in the android menu app for ex while running. All the other music app have that (bubbleupnp, squeezebox apps,…). Any idea?


Nope it only works in the app I think.

Nope. There are many Feature Request threads for just such a thing in both Android and Apple flavors. You should add your voice to one or both of the threads.

Just be careful the fanless case can handle the CPU under load. There is a reason the fan “wakes up” when up sampling DSD 256. Personally, I get around this by keeping my server far away in another room, as I mentioned much earlier in the thread. :smiley:

You are right, the best option would be to put the NUC far away. Unfortunately, it is complex for me. Due to many objective and subjective (wife) constraints. :smile:,I will keep it where it is. I hope fanless casing will be sufficient ( I ordered an Akasa plato X7d for my NUC7i7DNHE). I will keep fingers crossed for not burning my appartement because of heavy DSD listening.

I followed your recommandation and added a feature request here: click here
feel free to support or just like the feature so that it gets seen.

The Raspberry Pi/Allo rig is a good one. The DAC is quite decent. The TOSlink/SPDIF transport is also good. And Chord DACS are well known in Europe. You have some nice kit.

Here, my Roon Server runs on an old 2009 Mac Mini that was moved to Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS. This rig just works. The Mac Mini in question is Core i2 Duo so pretty moldy old.

The library size is not the issue in sizing your Roon Server host. Rather, the number of streams you plan to run simultaneously is. The ancient Mac Mini will easily do one or 2.

Here, my audio and video live on a FreeNAS 11.1 server running on purpose built hardware. Music is on a RAIDZ2 doubly redundant volume with backup to an external 8 TB USB disk that I can grab if we have to evacuate for a hurricane.

Music finds its way from the NAS to the Mac Mini Roon Server via Ethernet and Ubiquity Unifi switches. Then another trip over the Ethernet to a HiFiBerry Digi+ and SPDIF to a Parasound P5 internal DAC.

This all works without a hickup. Control is via Roon App on an iPad.

Take to heart the forum comments about networking kit and buy good kit. Wired Ethernet is important. A good old work electrician can run cable for you. In Norfolk, they tend to book in half-day increments plus materials. Adding 3 video camera circuits cost $450 in 2017.

When I purchased Fletcher in 2004, I installed Ethernet and RG-6U to each room from a central closet. My core switch (Ubiquity UniFi Switch-8-150) is in this closet. Each AV rack has a rack top switch that fans the Ethernet out to each Ethernet capable device in the rack. These are currently unmanaged NetGear switches.

A NetGear Orbi provides WiFi here at Dismal Manor. The box is set up as access point only with a Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite serving as Cox access router. Since switching the Orbi to WiFi only, the Ethernet and Roon playback have been rock solid. Before, we’d have some fades when something got mouthy on the WiFi and the Orbi bogged. I suspect the Facebook iPad app, since sacked. Social media apps tend to make promiscuous use of WiFi and are a likely source of fades while trying to pull down the latest sock-puppet propaganda.

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Stupid question:
I like the possibility to click on the heart to add to favorite any album or track. Then it is easy to find favorites on pc or tablet. But where can I find favorites on android app on my smart phone? Thx

The easiest way to find favourite albums or tracks is to create a bookmark on the desktop. Select Library > Albums or Tracks then click on the heart :heart: near top-left of screen. Now click on bookmarks next to search on the top-right and select Add bookmark…

You may now view favourite albums or tracks from mobile devices from the bookmarks icon. :bookmark:

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Thanks for this great answer. A very simple thing but so convenient. :+1: (I am just embarrased I have not found it myself!!)

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