Recommendations for music storage device?

hi folks - i have about 4 tb of music. currently i’m using a western digital external drive for storage, backing up via backblaze. i’m planning to move my source from a mac mini to a nucleus+. i’d like to hear recommendations for a music storage device. desirable properties include reliability, accuracy, &c – the usual suspects.

Hi Stevan,

Have been considering the same thing myself. A similar post, linked below, has several links within it which have enlightened me.

“haunted by drive failure” – yes, that about sums up my recurrent nightmare.

4 tb of ssd never occurred to me. getting rid of both fan noise and spinning disk is very appealing!


After reading all I can about the SSD solution, I placed an order with Amazon for the 4TB 860 QVO. Apparently the extra 100 USD for the EVO will not benefit my (or your) application. There are installation videos available on YouTube which make the job look fairly easy. The Samsung fits perfectly in my Nucleus and should also fit in your Nucleus+. Cost is $520 with shipment delayed until August 1. Peace of mind money. I will repurpose my current 4TB HDD as an extra backup location and consider cancelling my DropBox account that I currently only use for Roon Backup.

I agree. I would definitely go with a large SSD drive, either installed internally or USB. Then, use your old drive as a music backup, preferable stored off-site if possible.

thanks for the tips. sounds like the path i should (and will) pursue.