Recommendations for Roon Ready WiFi Single Speaker

Greetings Planet Roon,

I am in need of a small, single Roon Ready, WiFi speaker for a bathroom. I looked at the BlueSound Flex 2i, and that looks like it would work. Is there anything else out there that’s about the size of the Flex?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate all of your Roon passion!

You may wish to consider a Riva Arena or Riva Concert (

@June_Coll - Hi, the Riva look nice, but it appears that they use AirPlay to connect not RAAT. Is that true? I’ve heard pro’s and cons about AirPlay. I don’t have any experience with AirPlay so I can’t weigh in. I know I won’t have a WiFi issue. I’ve got an amazing Ubiquiti Unifi installation. Coverage and throughput are amazing.


I don’t think they use RAAT. They do have several methods of connecting your music. I have a Festival and an Arena. I mostly use Wifi, sometimes Bluetooth. I’ve even connected a USB key and it plays flawlessly, and the sound is pretty good. I’ve never tried AirPlay as there are no Apple products in the house. My music is stored on a QNAP NAS and I am able to stream it to my Riva products wirelessly. If you are in the USA you could go to a retailer and give a listen. Both these products are currently on sale so it might be the right product at the right time.

Good luck in your search!

Lots of non apple based airplay WiFi speakers. I use the Oppo Sonica speakers and they also allow for tidal Spotify too. Might be hard to get now, but I’m sure you will find other airplay options to suit.

I’m pretty happy with the Insignia speakers at Best Buy. Work well with Roon, and you get Google Assistant along with it, which can be used to control the Roon playback. I’ve got one of these, and one of the portable battery version.

I have a couple of Pulse Flex speakers (older, before the “i” version). They’ve been rock solid with Roon, and sound great. I frequently group them with other zones without issue.

BTW, a huge upside for the Flex (for me anyway) is the convenience of control buttons on the top. Super easy.

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@David_Roberts - I am leaning towards the “i”. I am not willing to head down the path of analysis paralysis for a bathroom endpoint. Frankly, it just needs to superbreliable and not sound like a soup can. I do whatever I can to ensure that my Wife has a great experience with the systems scattered around the house. My office is another story. There I revel and suffer by my own hands :wink:


What did you decide on?