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I like the idea of having a section of recommended artists on Roon home screen but I am a bit perplexed how this selection gets made. For a start I get recommended Artists that I already know and are already in my library. I know Big Thief, David Bowie, Wilco, Chik Corea, Stan Getz, Paco De Lucia, Beck, Al Di Meola, Radio Head and more… Not only I know them but I have a conspicuous part of their Discography in my collection either as ripped CD, either as Tidal tracks.
I get suggested artists on the base of artist I don’t know.
I get suggested Tom Harrell if I like Ethan Iverson, Joe Lovano and Joshua Redman, but I have no idea who these people are and then 2 circle on the right I get suggested Joshua Redman if I like another couple of unknown artists.
Considering that Roon and Valence know very well which artists are in my collection and what album I own and listen I would expected a more personalised selection.
The idea is great but need a bit more work.
Ok now I go and listen to Tom Harrell, I am curious…

No kidding. I would never have known about The Doobie Bros., Led Zeppelin, Chicago or Cream if Roon hadn’t brought them to my attention on the home screen. I guess I need to get out more.

Led Zeppelin, is that a new hip-hop group? :smile:

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Your not alone! I am new to Roon and expect new artists to be proposed not ones that I am already very familiar with.

As an example this morning the first recommended artist is Rush (If you like Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, & Styx). The recommendation is fine based on the three artists mentioned but why doesn’t Roon consider that I already have every Rush album already in my local library and so am already very well aware of them?

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