Recommended disk space for streaming only

Description of Issue

RoonServer’s been crashing on me randomly in the past week and after a quick look at the logs, I found the culprit: no disk space.

Question is, in a pure streaming setup (no local files), how much space does RoonServer need? Is there a setting to limit cache size?

Also, is log rotation limited to a number of files of will it grow indefinitely?

How many albums does your streaming media collection include?

The Roon library takes up space per album whether a local file or a streamed file by reference , as @Bernd_Kurte asks how many albums or virtual albums do you have ?

The Roon library can grow quite large, how big is your C drive , it also depends how many program files you have.

You don’t say if you are Windows , but if you are , Windows has a tendency to store files on your C drive, in the AppData folder and all the Pictures, Video, Documents folders. A good clear out may be all that’s needed. For example I have a “working” drive for all non program files

@Bernd_Kurte only 34 albums at this time. Most of my stuff is made up of artists favourite’d in Tidal.

@Mike_O_Neill Somehow I thought streamed music wouldn’t take much space.

I’m running Roon on an almost dedicated Linux machine with an 8GB SSD drive. Wasn’t sure if I’d stick with Roon when I installed it, but I had this spare server lying around so I thought I’d give it a go. Now it seems it’s here to stay so I’ll get a bigger SSD, but I want to get something sufficiently big so I don’t upgrade for the foreseeable future.

I read about a rule of thumb for storage: 2GB for each 1000 albums. Does this stay true for streaming as well?

Metadata, the Roon database itself, buffering incoming streams ….
SolidStateDisks aren’t expensive any more. Be generous;)

The original requirement for ROCK was a 64GB SSD plus a storage drive/NAS drive for your local audio. Even then (4 years ago) it was difficult to get one that small, so a lot of users used 120GB drives.

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That rule of thumb is probably well past its sell-by date by now, given that Roon has expanded the range of metadata and objects in the database, and will probably continue to do so.

In my case, I have 2689 albums (both local and streaming) with 54,406 tracks and the database in my Roon Server is 43.5 GB

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@Geoff_Coupe that’s very useful, thanks! Sounds like 120GB should be sufficient for my streaming needs.

Roon nucleus used a 32gb card and the plus model a 64gb card iirc. I have a very large w70k track library on a nucleus (not +) with 32fb but I do have 12gb ram on board.

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I’ve just ordered an SSD drive for about $30. They’ve sure gone down since I last dabbled with these things (I think it’s been some 5-6 yrs since I put together a computer)

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