"Recommended for you" Tweak

Hey guys. Love Roon but I do have a nitpick. “Recommended For You” only suggests albums not in your library. I love that for discovering new stuff.

However, I need it to have the capability to suggest ALL relevant albums. Even if they happen to be in my library. The thing is, after 30 years of obsessive CD buying and music collecting, there are many genres and subgenres where I simply have all the key albums. In those cases Recommended For You is near useless. When I’m playing Nirvana’s Nevermind, I want to be seeing the key albums by Pearl jam, Soundgarden etc. But instead I’d probably see some crappy Dishwalla album or something, since I already own literally all the worthwhile grunge albums, and pretty much all the worthwhile 90’s alternative albums.

The Recommended for You feature is a good idea, I like seeing what I don’t have. But as currently configured, it really hamstrings my ability to browse my own collection in a lot of cases. I’ve been manually applying tags to key albums, but that will be a long laborious process.

Can we please just simply have a toggle switch? Include albums in your library? yes or no. Dead simple. Pretty please? Thanks.