Recommended NUC for HQPLAYER


Is there a simple to install and update Linux setup that would allow me to run Roon and HQPlayer Embedded? I probably want to have the ability to use CUDA.

  1. Install Ubuntu Bionic

  2. Install Roon Server:

3, Install HQP Embedded:

Well that doesn’t seem too bad!

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A question: is it possible to run Hq player plus roon on a maxed out iMac (which I already own) and upconvert to DSD512 and then send it through the network to the HQplayer nas on a nuc and the through USB to the dac?

I know you cannot output more than DSD128 through a usb from a Mac - and this would be a way round this…

Yes, using NAA bypasses CoreAudio altogether and thus any of it’s limitations.

You can do up to DSD256 from USB on a Mac…

Thanks Jussi! :grinning: I am planning to buy a T+A dac8dsd so what setup would you recommend? My iMac would then use Roon and HQ player to convert input to Dsd512 - but what would be the best unit for the NAA function

Some small low power CPU Windows computer. I used this for the purpose:

You’d just want to get a nice PSU for those instead of the default wall-wart. For example something from Teddy Pardo

Thanks Jussi —— and what programmes would you then use? Windows 10 I presume plus the windows driver for the T+A DAC8DSD and then anything else? You mention on the homepage that the NAA provides FIFO as isolation. I wonder what FIFO is?

I am sorry to be such a novice, but I have found it hard to get a good road map for these kinds of setup…

Stock Windows 10 and the T+A driver. And then just run the networkaudiod (NAA software module) there.

Perfect thanks.

Interesting discussion on the bit rate limit for SDM in HQP. That’s a parameter I didn’t complete understand until now.

I’m upsampling all media to DSD256. What is the best bit rate limit to choose? My media files are a mix between 44.1, 48, 96 and 192kHz.

Which maximum bitrate parameter is the best? 44.1/256 or 48/256?

I understand the upsampling to DSD256 can lead to 2 different absolute bitrates depending on the input being 44.1 or 48 (and multiples) kHz.

Is it possible to disturb a DAC with the wrong bitrate? My DACs accept “native” DSD256 (iFi Zen DAC and Cayin N3-Pro). But I cannot find any documentation about the appropriate bitrates for the DAC chips inside. Afaik a Burr Brown 1793 inside the Zen and two AK4493 inside the Cayin.

With upsampling to DSD256 the Cayin stops audio output every few minutes while Roon and HQP are playing on. With DSD128 I don’t see this problem. The Zen DAC doesn’t have with DSD256, it works fine all time.

By default the 44.1k base rate multiples are the ones to use. Most DACs don’t support multiples of 48k. For this reason there is also the “48k DSD” check box which should be left off, unless you are certain that your DAC supports DSD at multiples of 48k.

DAC chip doesn’t matter much from this perspective, it is about functionality of the USB interface and clocking system.

Thanks for the clearance Jussi!

I will try to revive this thread…

Can I install HQPlayer OS on an Intel i9 NUC? Like this. Basically I want it to be as fast as possible, but managed totally by HQP with no underlying OS SW competing for resources.

I currently have an i7 audio-specific server (running Roon Core + HQP) that can only upsample to DSM 128 with all EC modulators / filters. It can only do 256 with, for example, ASDM7.

I want to move to a separate Roon core, and a dedicated HQP upsampling machine. I will use a consumer NUC for Roon, and would like to use a consumer i9 as above fora dedicated HQP machine. The theory is that my audio quality will not suffer as I will keep my current expensive endpoint which is optically isolated from the network with 2 EtherRegens.

Both of these consume machines will be away from the playback system do I don’t care about appearance or fan noise.

Likely it will work fine, use the “x64amd” image on such. It is still the basic non-K CPU model, but it should do DSD256 just fine with EC modulators and also DSD512 with EC modulators with some filter settings.

Thanks for the quick response.

OK, sadly can’t get that one due to supply chain issues. Generally speaking is it possible to install HQP OS on a random gaming motherboard? Or does it have to be a NUC?

In terms of speccing a high-end machine that will run 512 with all filters, for instance, do you have a preference for AMD Threadripper vs i9 K models? how much does it make sense to add high end video cards? How much can be offloaded to them?