Recommended NUC for HQPLAYER

(Ofer Elaz) #21

Isn’t it important to use a LINEAR PSU?

I see this machine has a regular PSU.,.


(Sean) #22

I do realise you mentioned the intensive filters here - I agree of course.

For other people’s info, for less CPU intensive filters:

My fanless NUC7i7DNHE does DSD256 fine with poly-sinc-short-lp and poly-sinc-lp (both non-2s…)

Very limited options of course but it can handle some filters fine…

I mostly run at DSD512 though, with poly-sinc-ext2 (always 2s) or poly-sinc-short-lp-2s. The same fanless NUC does fine running both HQPe at DSD512 and Roon Server… Case gets very warm (as it’s supposed to) and CPU runs at ~ 70 deg C

(Ofer Elaz) #23


I can’t find the link to download HQPlayer NAA

Is it a dedicated program ? What is the difference between the NAA version and regular?


(Andrew Cox) #24

There is a download link for the Network Audio Daemon on the same page as HQ Player Desktop.

Yes it is a dedicated program. It can only be used with HQ Player.

The NAA is not a version of HQ Player. It is a lightweight network endpoint for HQ Player; Roon Bridge is to Roon as an NAA is to HQ Player.

(Jeff) #25

Not really important when the machine is going to be away from your music equipment. I’ll add that the Corsair is a powerful machine and needs a beefy power supply.

(Ofer Elaz) #26

Hi andybob,

I dled the dameon and this is what I get when I open the file:

What do I do next? The screen remains like this and doesn’t open anything else…

(Jeff) #27

That’s how it works. Now on your full blown HQPlayer machine that nework endpoint should show up.

(Ofer Elaz) #28

Please excuse my ignorance but let me get this straight:

On the main computer,with Win10, (that will be placed in a different room without the audio equipment) I install Roon and HQplayer desktop.

On the NUC (which will be hooked up via usb to my DAC next to the audio equipment) I load the HQ NAA.

What next? Do I have to setup the HQplayer on the main computer for it to search for the HQplyaer NAA on the NUC?

Can I switch filters only from the main computer Hqplayer Desktop?


(Jeff) #29

Correct you go into HQPlayer on the main computer and tell it to use the NAA on the NUC. It should automatically discover it. I don’t have a screen shot, maybe @andybob can help you with one.

Yes you will then switch filters on the main HQPlayer desktop.

(Ofer Elaz) #30


@andybob Can you please help out?


(Andrew Cox) #31

In HQ Player Desktop Settings, choose Backend NAA and select which of the available Devices you want. I’ll post a screenshot of what my Serttings look like this evening.

You should read the HQ Player Manual. The latest PDF version is distributed with the software.

Why are you using a NUC as an NAA ? It is more expensive than a Pi running a DietPi NAA and noisier than a similarly priced microRendu or ultraRendu.

(Jeff) #32

He has the NUC already.

(Andrew Cox) #33

Ah, thanks Doc.

(Sean) #34

This can turn into something like a religious debate, said on a particular thread over on CA Forum. Especially a couple of specific NUC models :grin:

I agree with you though.

(Jeff) #35

The windows based NUC can have it’s advantages with certain DACs and direct DSD and the required ASIO drivers.

(Ofer Elaz) #36

Great! A screen shot would be excellent.

I already have a NUC connected. I power it with a Hdplex linear psu. Not that noisy.
You think a raspberry pi or mR would be preferable?

Also, isn’t it a problem that the NUC/rasberry pi/mR have a standard cheap usb port?
I was thinking of buying a sotm usb port for the main computer and hooking up USB directly to the DAC…
That would obviously mean that I am hooking up the main computer direct and giving up on the NAA…
What would be the difference?


(Jeff) #37

Give it a go with what you have. Baby steps. The windows based NUC has advantages and pretty much guarantees the higher rate DSD will work as I said a couple posts up.

(Ofer Elaz) #38

I agree .

Just wondering if the cheap usb port on the NUC that connects to the DAC is significantly audio wise inferior to a sotm usb port from a main computer…

(Jeff) #39

If the USB input on your DAC is exceptional, it won’t matter much at all what’s feeding it.

(Andrew Cox) #40

Here is my HQ Player Settings page. I choose NetworkAudioAdapter Backend and the default Device for NAA running on a microRendu connected by USB to a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF2 is as shown: