Recommended NUCs not available anymore

The NUCs recommended at
are no more available from amazon, neither the i3 (NUC10i3FNH) nor the i7 (NUC10i7FNH) versions. Would it be possible to update that recommendation to units which are actually available, please?


Perhaps the information at hand is exactly what it is…perhaps there are no gen 11 NUCs that work with normal bios boot options. UEFI support is not available for ROCK yet.

I built this one last week: Intel NUC 10 BXNUC10i5FNHN1 Mini / Booksize Barebone System - Intel Core i5-10210U CPU Installed - Tall -

It’s working great so far. with a convolution filter and DSD upsampling applied it runs at about 4.4x, so plenty of headroom. It does not have a codec, but that doesn’t matter for my application.

But here is the current i3:
And i7:

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B&H also has the i7 model in stock!

Well. the us sites are actually of no much use for the people in Europe…

Unless these models are still available on Amazon and all that is required is an updated link, you are stuck. You either have to find an equivalent from another outlet or you need to load UEFI compliant Linux onto a later (gen 11) model and add Roon Server. Sorry.

I’m afraid Roon is pretty much America-centric and these units still are readily available here, so in that sense the info is not out of date.

You can also use an 8th or 7th gen NUC. In fact, many seem to think the 8th gen versions are the best.

Otherwise, just load Windows or Linux and RoonServer, and use a 11 gen NUC. You can always wipe it away when a new ROCK version that support UEFI comes out.


B&H ships globally.

Sure and I would have to pay custom taxes and local sales tax… Makes simply no sense, makes the goods 50% more expensive.

If you are willing and able to purchase from UK, try
Barebone Intel NUCs - Barebone Intel Core i3 i5 i7 NUC Mini SFF PC Kits | SCAN UK. They seem to have good choice and availability and sell to most European countries.

Before you say anything, it’s not my fault that we are no longer in Europe.


Used to buy from Amazon UK a lot before. Brexit not my fault either. Nowadays same problem as buying from US, not good for any side. Found a NUC10i5FNH on Amazon DE seems, so hope this solves my problem.


Not sure that Roon Marketing would agree with that statement.

So… it’s not that they’re unavailable, it’s just that you don’t like what you’d have to pay to obtain one. Expensive hobby, hi-fi-dom.

I’m glad that you have got one. Enjoy yourself.

Well if you try to hit the roon links for the recommended units leading to any of the US, UK or DE amazon sites (i3 and i7 versions) you will find there are not available. That is what I have been trying to point to, I believe Roon should have been recommending units which actually are…


Aha! Yes, I agree.

Roon should remove dead links and just mention those NUCs in passing.


They sometimes are … I recently purchased a refurbished i5 in Australia and it is working perfectly. It was initially running hot, but cleaned the dust buildup from the fan and now runs cool and quiet. Second hand models are a good economical option as people upgrade.

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There’s a longer thread here on the topic:

As these NUCs get older, this is such an important thing to do.

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