"Recommended" volume setting for KEF LS50W


Received my new KEF LS50W 2 days ago and connected them as Roon endpoints. I am about to give the speakers some serious (150+ hrs) burn-in time by having Roon “shuffle” through my library.

Can anyone tell me what range of volume settings they are using in Roon? I realize that room size, music selection, listeners subjective impressions of output levels will vary widely.

So far I’ve kept the volume in the 40~45 range in a 20 x 12 room and think it might help expedite the break-in if I was to raise the volume level. As the speakers are new I don’t want to “stress” them by having too much output volume.

I suspect given our potentially quite different use cases this may not be of much help, but I rarely go over ~35 on Roon volume control with our LS50W. More commonly we’re in the 20s. This is in a roughly 5m x 4m bedroom, and I don’t tend to listen too loud anyway.

I would expect the range you’re proposing should be fine - could always give it a bit more each day…

Thank you for your kind reply. Your info is helpful as I don’t have any experience with the KEF. Of course the room sizes etc are quite different but having a sense of what other users experience is useful.

I spoke with KEF Tech support (USA) as well and they said that most users find the speakers improve with anywhere from 80-120 hours burn-in. We are back at the magical 100 hour number:)

There is apparently some overload/thermal circuitry that will temporally mute the spkrs if they are run for an extended period at high volume levels with the augmented bass EQ settings.

The tech was uncertain whether the circuitry was designed to protect the built-in in amps or the drivers. The bottom line was that I shouldn’t worry about pushing the spkrs hard (high volume) as they are capable of very high (SPL 106db) for prolonged periods.