Reconcile Track Credit Info

I’ve got a composer listed simply as Aldrich. Here is his page.

Further investigation indicates this is actually guitarist Doug Aldrich. He is credited as composer of the track “El Camino Diablo” as shown below.

How do I reconcile this data? Doug Aldrich is listed as an artist but not as a composer so I can’t combine the two. Also, I doubt Doug Aldrich is credited with a Vera Lynn track. That composer was Ronnie Aldrich. This track comes from Qobuz so it’s not data that can be edited from an external editor. It would be nice if Roon provided track level credit editing. I suppose I could contact Qobuz about the confusion, but I doubt I’m going to get much satisfaction.

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Hi David,

If I correctly understand your situation, then this can be easily helped. I understand that you have two artist entries for one and the same person. Then one of those two, ‘Aldrich’, is credited as composer, and ‘Doug Aldrich’ as primary artist.

So what you can do is to try and merge both artist entries, and then select ‘Doug Aldrich’ as the preferred entry. For this, select from the Roon menu the ‘Artists’ browser, and then use the filter box at the top right to filter for ‘Aldrich’. This should show you both relevant artist entries, but there could be more. Select both relevant entries, and then use the button ‘Merge artists’ at the top right.

You can actually edit track level metadata. In the album view, just select the track and the ‘Edit’ menu is right there… You can, amongst other items, edit track level credits. This works for Tidal/Qobuz tracks, too.

Hope this helps.

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