Reconsidering Roon due to Tidal Connection problem

I’ve been in the process of weighing up wether to purchase Nucelus Plus or Nucelus as I’m upgrading my DAC and my constant problems with Tidal connecting in Roon is making me reconsider using Roon at all. I’m running QNAP Roon Core with wired connections. Tidal runs fine from Tidal always but from Roon in last week or so I’m getting “failed” and “cannot play from Tidal. Check network connection”. The Tidal integration is a major appeal of Roon for me and it has been working fine since I got Tidal in about July. Fixed problem myself once but atm I’m stuck getting same message and re logging in, restarting and disconnecting/reconnecting core is not fixing problem. I don’t really want this aggravation and I’m certainly not spending $1000s of $ on Roon server and lifetime subs if Tidal is not reliable with a Roon - which it isn’t.

Set the DNS on the Core machine to or

I was having all kind of connection issues until that change was made. Nary a problem since…

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Thanks Scott, I will see if I can figure out how to do that on my QNAP server.

Try here:

Add both servers since there is room for two.

Thanks Scott. Appreciate your help.

You’re welcome! Let us know how it works out!

Any update? Did you try the new DNS entries?

Thanks Scott, I didn’t as a restart of my QNAP server worked this time. I may use that in future though if it reoccurs. Which I expect it will.
It has certainly put my Nucelus + and Roon lifetime plans on hold - for the cost I want & expect smooth sailing and Tidal working all the time.

The reason the DNS changes work is that roon does a LOT of DNS look ups and moving off your ISP default often improves the response time exponentially. This seems to be one of the keys for a smooth Tidal experience.

Ah, thanks Ged. So there may be benefit in terms of Tidal responsive in Roon if I use the recommended DNS?

Seems to help going by the number of “problems” related to Tidal and indeed roon in general. I think you are hard wired? So you miss out on the other horror show which is wireless issues.

Cheers, all in all it is pretty good . My caveat is wanting to be sure before a big spend on Roon - there is a lot to like about Roon for sure and Tidal is great. I subscribed to Apple, Spotify & Google Music and Tidal - apart from obvious superior sound - is the best curated and has the best interface (imo). Just feels best overall.

If your current setup works you don’t have to move to a Nucleus. In my opinionated opinion :kissing: the DAC change would be my priority. ( You mentioned plans for a change, I’m not casting aspersions on your current device)

Changing the DNS setting per Scott Winders’ recommendation works like a charm. My connection to Tidal while running Roon is now virtually instantaneous. He deserves free lifetime Roon and Tidal memberships for this contribution.

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You’re welcome, George!