Recording start date/end date shown incorrect

I’m trying to set the start/end dates. I enter 1994/06 and 1994/07, respectively. But Roon ends up saying “performed Jun 0199 - Jul 0199.” Namely (you can see the resulting display in the greyish background, from a previous effort to make the change (trust me, saving again doesn’t change anything, and neither does supplying a made-up day for start and for end).

I think that the information “All tracks performed Jun 0199…”, is not taken from the data you enter (which is displayed in the Date Recorded section). It comes from the meta-data Roon pulls from its provider and as such is an error in their data.

In what you are showing, .you are actually editing the recording dates at the album level, and you should see the result at the top of the album window, to the right of the album art (on a line reading something like "Date Recorded Released Added). On your screenshot, this part of the Album Window is unfortunately overlaid by the Album Editor window. Please check,

To change the recording dates displayed on the All tracks performed … line, you need to edit the recording dates at the track level. To do that, select all the album tracks, (ctrl-A on Windows is one of the way to do that, you can also rignt click on each track), click the Edit button at the top right corner, then select the Edit Tracks tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the Track Editor window. You will see three lines reading: “Recording Location, Recording Start Date, Recording End Date”. Enter your updates, and click the Save button.

It can be somewhat disconcerting at first to see that recording dates set at the album level do not propagate at the track level. The reason for that is that the recording dates at the album level bracket the min and max of the track recording dates, which can vary from track to track. If this is the case, you will see that individual “performed …” lines now accompany each track or composition,and that the All tracks performed line has disappeared.

By the way, track recording dates can be set through file tags, using RECORDINGSTARTDATE and RECORDINGENDDATE tags. Personnaly, I much prefer to set them this way, rather than with an edit at the Roon level.