Recordings in collection but missing from listing on Composition page - redux

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus+ running 1.8.814

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Trendnet SFP switch, Sonore Optical Rendu, Cat6 network

Connected Audio Devices


Windows 7 Workstation that talks to the server over a Cat6 network

Benchmark DAC 3B connected via USB to Optical Rendu, managed via Android tablet

Server and both clients all running Roon 1.8.814

Library Size

~46K tracks

Description of Issue

The “Only Complete Recordings” switch seems to have disappeared (see Recordings in collection but missing from listing on Composition page and any number of other submissions complaining about its inadequacy) but there are still problems with displaying the albums featuring compositions by a particular composer. An example follows.

I have three albums featuring compositions by Fred Lehrdahl as shown here:

However, when I click on “Composor / Fred Lehrdahl” in this screen, I see only one of them:

Note that all the COMPOSER tags in the relevant sources are appropriately populated:

Not so. The “Only Complete Recordings” switch is still there, but seems to not be shown when, as in the case of Fred Lehdarhl, the are very few recordings of a composition.

Just try with Berlioz “Symphonie Fantastique”, and you will see that the “Only Complete Recordings” switch is still there with its inedaquacies, as you called them.

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Thanks for the additional information. Any idea why all the relevant albums aren’t showing on the Composer screen?