Recovering from incorrect static Gateway/DNS Configuration?


I recently setup a Roon ROCK and everything was working fine. I had all the latest updates installed. Yesterday i attempted to configure a Static IP address. It has the following parameters:
IP address
DNS Server

I accidentally left the Gateway and DNS Server fields blank. Now I cannot even connect to my Roon ROCK.
Please advise as to how i can correct this situation.

Thank You

ROCK will display its IP address on the screen after bootup. If this is configured correctly you are still able to connect to it from your local LAN and make the correct changes.

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I was just able to correct the issue. Thanks for the quick response!!

Thanks for the report @Jeff_Moat! Sorry to hear of the troubles, but I am pleased to hear this was resolved. Excellent work :+1::clap:

Would you mind sharing how you were able to correct the issue at hand? Thanks!


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