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iMac - Catalina OS

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Hard wired ethernet

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BlueOS Node 2i - DAC

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Description of Issue

So, roon was crashing constantly on start up. Never had this problem before. Did some research and thought I needed to reinstall software. I did, and now it seems to be working fine. But much to my chagrin, I see I’ve lost my tags, tracks, playlists, etc. I REALLY hope I can get them back.

Thank you in advance.

Did you uninstall Roon before you re-installed?
If so and you checked the box to remove configuration that would have deleted the database that contained your edits.

If you had scheduled backups set up you can restore your database from a backup.

Noticed you’re using a Mac.
If you had Time Machine backups enabled you might be able to restore the database that way.

Restore your latest Roon backup. If you have reason to believe it is part of the original problem, choose an older one.

I do have time machine backups. I also labeled roon folder in Library “old”, before I reinstalled roon. Does that have the files I need?

Yes, I think so.
I don’t work for Roon so you might want to wait for an official response or a responsive from someone who’s tried this before but I’m reasonably sure if you shut down your core, rename the “new” Roon folder and revert the previous Roon folder back to its original name and restart the core your library will be restored.

How easy was that! But I never would have figured it out.
Thank you so much for your help.

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Just to note that Time Machine backups should not be used to restore Roon databases - always use the Roon Backup functions to backup and restore Roon Databases. See the end of this Help article: