Red dots on artwork

Some of my albums are now showing either red dots or silhouette icons on their artwork. This hasn’t happened before. Any ideas why it’s doing it now? I am also getting a message that metadata improver has halted and Roon needs an update. Any ideas why? How do I go about updating?


The red dots indicate it’s a live album. The feature can be enabled/disabled from within Roon’s settings.

What device/OS is Roon running on?

What version (build number) of Roon are you running? (Settings—>About)

Hi Carl, thanks for the quick response. It’s sorted out the red dots ok. I’m running 1.4 (build 294) and it’s on a Synology DS nas


I did a quick search and found this from Brian (summary … try restarting your Roon Core).
Give it whirl and see if it helps.

Hi Carl

Yes,that’s fixed it thanks

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The silhouette icons indicate a compilation. This can be toggled on/off in Settings > General, see below. Glad the reboot otherwise sorted you out. Happy listening!

Thanks Kevin, I don’t know how it got switched on but all ok now

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I wish they had an option to put those icons above the artwork because they are a little hard to see sometimes.