Red Hot Chili Peppers Master album missing in roon[Resolved]

Everything except the first studio album is visible in Master version from roon unless I’m mistaken.

The album is fully visible in TIDAL but I have to admit the covers for some of them are just blank.

I don’t know if this is an issue or just roon being behind on TIDAL changes as usual.

@support I don’t know how serious it is.
Don’t know how new this particular album is on TIDAL.

I have also had a number of Tidal albums missing their album covers on Roon, but also on the Bluesound app to. Not sure why this is happening. Tidal upgraded their app although this shouldn’t cause the problem but I don’t think there has been a Roon or Bluesound upgrade recently that might have lead to what must be a metadata issue. A mystery…

@Ulf_Jalmbrant Which album? Can you drop us a link to it on TIDAL?

I’m not sure how to get the URL for the Tidal album via BluOS. But one album missing the cover art is the MQA version of Don McLean’s American Pie. I have just checked my other MQA favourites and they seem to now have their album covers. They were some R.E.M. ones and a couple of Diana Krall.

It was the MQA albums that were missing the cover art. Other albums seemed ok. I don’t think it’s down load speed to bring the art in since I’m on about 30mb/ second. Also I tried at various times of the day and the same albums didn’t have their covers.

But as above, apart from Don McLean, they all seem ok now.

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It’s the self titeled album from 1984, So “Red Hot Chili Peppers” by “Red Hot Chili Peppers”.

Whatever the issue is it has already been resolved.

Regarding Don McLean¨s American Pie master album it lacks covers in tidal for me.

When imported it had no cover in roon but after doing edit->identify I have the album and cover properly. My only problem is that for instance the title track is unavailable in the master version.

I’m marking this thread as resolved.

To keep discussing Don McLean’s American Pie create another thread.