Redo of library? OFS and exclusively Roon

Is it possible to start over with Roon library? Mine is a mess.

It reports the same album 8 times. Inside some tracks are missing.

I assumed my own Music folder was to blame and set aside today to start to sort it. Instead of finding 8 copies of the same album, I just found one. Sometimes I found some albums contained both AIFF and FLAC versions.

I think the best I can do is start over. Delete the library and get Roon to redo it.

Is there any possibility it will delete actual music files? If so, how do I make sure that does not happen?

Also, with regard to my question regarding MQA showing as OFS with Roon but as MQA with Audirvana and MC26, was I right to dismiss the concern as OFS is the same as MQA?

I have not used any other music player since I took out the years sub on Roon. Not sure why.

You can’t delete your music files by deleting Roon’s library.

The only way Roon could delete your music is from here, and Roon will warn you -

To completely delete Roon library -

Hi @Knitman,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage? We should be able to help sort out your duplicates issue so you don’t need to start completely over.

Is this what you mean?

You’ve added the same folder twice. Remove the bottom one with the long path.


Yes, you get the same benefits of MQA either way. The difference lies in where the MQA Core decoding takes place - Roon Core does MQA Core decoding for you whereas your other player software did not (opting to leave it to the DAC), but the result is same.

Thanks for the screenshot, @Knitman.

As suggested above it looks like you have the same Music folder added multiple times. Can you try removing the second watched folder in the list and let us know if that helps?

Yes it helped but not completely. There are still multiples, just not as many. The multiples are not the same in all cases. Hello Big Man shows twice. One full album and one with just one track in it. Yet it is not like that in my Music folder. Just the one copy.

I don’t mind starting over. Unless that could makes worse or I would lose albums completely. I guess I would worry that it would wipe the tracks off my hard disc. I certainly lost two tracks off an album that I eventually found on an external disc from 2015. How on earth did they get excluded in the first place?

One thing I did notice. I am using Thunderbolt 3 SSD. They are super fast. But I am wondering if they are copying faithfully. Is it possible that it could miss out files when copying? Like I got it to copy my whole music folder to one of these super fast external discs. Yet when I look at the folder is isn’t complete. Trouble is I cannot be certain. The majority of it was recorded prior to my brain trauma in 2014. I clearly added to it during May2014 to September 2019 which is memory wise a blank. In 2019 I had five head traumas, the last included a broken leg, ankle, knee and 5th metatarsal BUT it brought me back from where ever I had been. Since then I have experienced life like never before-happy, content, and have become very colourful in my dress sense and even in my hair. I now look like the artist I am. :wink:

Sorry, I go off on tangents. I am also now wondering if the program I used to turn all my music from AIFF to FLAC is what messed up my music folder.

I just can’t think what has muddled my files.

BTW is is better to use the MacBook Pro HD(SSD 1TB) or to use the external 1 or 2 TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD as my storage? Or is it safer to use the externals just for storing copies?

I apologise for not being more concise and to the point quickly. I try my best to be. Yet as I type more thoughts arrive.

Hi @Knitman,

Thanks for the follow up on this! I hope all is well :smile:

Let’s take a closer look at this Hello Big Man example:

Can you share screenshots of what you’re seeing here? That will help us better understand what might be occurring.

As far as Roon is concerned there shouldn’t be much of a difference here. Whichever works best for you will work for Roon!

Even more curious, under versions it says there is only 1 in my library. The album pictured on the left opens up with just track 8 in it.

Where will I find the bit you have pictured above?

I have deleted my database and started over. Same problems appear. Duplicates, albums with only one track in them, when the Music Folder only has one copy etc

thank you kindly

The ‘bit’ you refer to will delete your music from the HDD. Is that what you want?

Kind of a drastic measure and that’s probably not what’s causing your problems.

As an example, from the album screen -

Select ‘Edit’, you’ll get this -

Page down to find this -

You’ll get this warning -

Thank you kindl;y. No I didn’t intend to delete my music but it would only have taken a few minutes to put it back. My ext SSD is really fast.

No I just wanted to know how to get to that menu and you have shown me.

What I have done is got rid of Roon completely and then reinstalled it. I m now waiting for it to do finish analysing which takes a long time with almost 17,000 tracks, even allowing it to use 8 cores. The machine is doing else so it can afford to use that power for one thing.

Once the analysis is finished, I’ll see if those two tracks are still a problem.

Strangely, despite a completely fresh install, and having only one copy of most albums, my library still shows several albums as many as 5 times.

There was quite before I continued to write.

I used the edit facility as you showed me where it was, to delete the album from my HDD. I then took a fresh copy from a different ext. disc and copied it into the music folder. Re-opened Roon, the new album, in a different file(AIFF not FLAC) set up.

No change. First two tracks did not play. They play in iTunes at the same rate 192khz.

This is the second album today where this problem has arisen. Two tracks but 7 & 8 on a different album.

When I did the fresh install I deleted all Roon stuff by hand first.

I am flummoxed.

Oh, and I did a re-analysis of the two tracks but couldn’t see anything happen so no idea if it worked or not.

kind regards

Okay I used dbConverter to change one of the albums in question into a 32/384 WAV. I only chose that conversion because I was interested to know what it did and how big the files would be. Enormous! Over 700mb for the first track under 4min long!

Anyway, more importantly, the whole album plays. I used the same album that would not play the first two tracks to convert.

It just occurred to to use same converter to change said album into a FLAC and see what happens. There is already a FLAC version which it will not play the same two tracks.

I played the problem albums also in HQPlayer, on it’s own, not thru Rood, and no problems at all.

The only program unable to play the first 2 tracks and tracks 7 and 8 on another album, is Roon .


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