Reduce gain, best way?

I have an USB tube dac where output volume is very high and the sound is sometimes distorted. I am looking for ways to reduce gain. I have been experimenting with the DSP engine and set Headroom to -10 db. This seems to fix the distortion problem and I cant really hear any degradation of sound quality. Is this an OK solution or is it better “audiophile” ways?


I think it is the best way to do it because you can see exactly what has been done and the indicators show no loss of fidelity.

It doesn’t seem reasonable to have to do digital processing in order to not get distortion in your DAC.
To be honest, sounds like a problem with your DAC. I’ve used at least a dozen DACs and there has not once been any reason to reduce volume in software except to achieve a common playback level across different albums etc. (volume levelling).