Reduced dynamic range

Hi there, when I play any album in my Naim 272 from the NAS the dynamic range is much, much better than when I play the same album via Roon. I am surprised. I was expecting the DR to be the same. I am not using volume leveling nor any DSP processing.
Any ideas what may be happening? If I change my current ASUS computer for a dedicated ROCK NUC, will that improves the SQ?
Thanks in advance.


Can you post an image of the signal path from Roon, this will detail what Roon is doing, if anything, to the audio signal.

when you stream from the NAS are you using the Naim app?
Are you using a squeezebox with roon or does the 272 emulate one?

yes, I use the Naim app to stream from the NAS.
I am using squeezebox with roon streaming from Qobuz or the NAS.

The difference is either the squeezebox hardware or the analog input on the Naim. Roon is already bit perfect streaming as the attached signal path indicates, so it’s not molesting the data at all.

Maybe the question is how do you know the dynamic range is different? Is this just by ear or a measurement of some sort? Not suggesting you don’t hear a difference in quality but are you sure it is different DR?

I’m guessing the volume (gain) is slightly different.

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no, I am not measuring it. I am listening. It is very clear to me.

that may be the case. I keep the Naim at the same volume: 40. Play a track from the NAS using the Naim app where the pre read directly from the disk. The dynamic is fantastic. Then, play the same track using Roon, in this case the signal is push to the pre, the dynamic is clearly softer.
It is good either way but Naim direct playing is much better. Though I am not going to be buying a lot of music to play from the NAS, so I have to get accustom to the difference.

Might be better putting a better renderer in front of the Naim?

Thanks, I found the problem. I am using JRiver as uPnP server and volume leveling was activated. Now they sound the same.