Reducing Volume in ROON turns off MQA on Project DAC

Whenever I play an MQA track everything is fine as long as I keep ROON volume at Odb when I reduce volume the MQA light goes off on my Project DAC. Should this happen?

Yes. Set the Pro-Ject to fixed volume in Roon and control the volume with its own volume dial.

I’m confused. I am using the Ipad app to control Roon. What you are saying is that I can’t control the volume from the app without loosing MQA. Is there a way around this?. My amplifier and Mac book are I a separate room. I cant control the volume with out getting up and going to the other room.

What exactly is the model of your DAC? Assuming that it is an MQA DAC, it needs to receive a bit-perfect stream from Roon. The moment you start attenuating the signal using Roon’s volume control, the stream ceases to be MQA.

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I have a Project Pre Box s2 digital. Your statement seems to explain the problem with MQA disappearing. I guess that is just the way it works.

I’ll just have to get up off my listening seat if I want to change volume and maintain MQA. The amp is a Cyrus and the remote is infra red so it won’t work from another room.

The fix is to allow Roon to do the first unfold. Set Roon to see the DAC as renderer only and that should maintain MQA.

I’m not the domain expert here, but I *think* that pre-MQA DAC digital volume control (as opposed to fixed volume normalization) is one of the two forms of DSP not allowed (the other being re-sampling).

I’ve never been able to set up the S2 to allow roon to control the volume. it appears the unit has 2 different internal volume controls. I have to leave it on Fixed; and change the volume using the dial on the front.

Also i found out yesterday that to use the play/pause and next tracks buttons on the remote it must be plugged in to a Windows PC.

In that case I stand corrected, but that was what worked with a Teac NT-505 using device volume in Roon.