Redundant Backup reminder

Roon is telling me that I haven’t backed up yet, but I have, twice in the last 5 days. Can I stop Roon doing this ?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Backups > Scheduled Backups?

Hello @Dick_Cooper,

Where is Roon displaying this message? Please share a screenshot as @Martin_Webster suggested.


(Un)fortunately Roon has stopped showing the message so maybe the problem has disappeared. If it comes back I will do a screenshot.

I’ve noticed this, for example on each new installation of “Roon Remote” (iPad/iPhone), it complains I haven’t backed up. I have, but not from that specifc Roon Remote! In fact, those “helper prompts”, while very good for a new user, are a little annoying when they reappear (yeah, first world problems). Perhaps the status (seen/not seen) should be held on the server on a ‘per user’ basis. Perhaps it is already, but just not working fully as intended :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report. We will try to reproduce.