Referral Programme - What do lifetime subscribers get?

I’m a lifetime subscriber, and I’ve made a successful referral to Roon.

Annual subscribers get free months in return (I think?), but what reward(s) do lifetime subscribers get?


Added months to our lifetime would be logical. :rofl:


A coffee mug? :grinning:


A sympathetic „thank you“

A warm fuzzy feeling that hopefully doesn’t impact your musical enjoyment too much

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New subscribers will keep Roon alive longer. So that’s one benefit. :wink:

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Careful Martin that you don’t become someone looking for something to complain about when really there isn’t anything.

A $10 refund would be good.

I thought Roon was perfect as it is?

I have no idea what you mean, but we’re talking about a reward for referring new customers.

We shouldn’t need rewards apart from passing pleasure on to others.

This was the question.

Like I said to Jim, in my opinion if you are happy you shouldn’t need rewards for passing on to others. The rewards to me are pleasure at good advice given to (usually) network related issues to assist others. I have ample reward from the generosity of others advice and opinions on here.
I could also say that I was lucky enough to get lifetime at a lesser price, would you want a sliding scale on that too?

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:-1: 10 characters

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I agree Jim.

Notwithstanding my subscription status, I’ve referred a new subscriber. That means new money for Roon. And I’m thrilled with that :+1:

I can’t get extra months, so what do I get? I have another two pending too…

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IIRC, Roon said they would come up with something when they announced the referral program.

Roon Referral Program

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Some people would moan if Roon gave them free gold coins.

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