Reformatting external HD question

I need to reformat my external HD to attach to my Nucleus. What format should I chose ( I’m using a IMac ) so I can reload my music and still add music once attached to the nucleus.

Searching the forum brings

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Thank you ged.

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Most questions have been asked so either search the forum directly or use a search engine if you choose with Roon included in the query. :slight_smile:

Hi @Larry_Gelman,

As noted in our KB:

Nucleus supports USB drives pre-formatted as EXT2/3/4, VFAT/FAT32/FAT16/exFAT, NTFS, or HFS/HFS+. Note that HFS/HFS+ (also known as “Mac OS Journaled”) is read-only, which means that Nucleus will not be able to make changes or store new music on the USB drive.

If you have any questions about anything else please feel free to reach out!

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