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Question… Is there a way to refresh the qobuz content? I wanted to listen to the 2019 Grammy WInners playlist (thats accessible via the qobuz app) in Roon, but that playlist doesnt show up in the roon app and searching for it comes up with no results. Is there anyway to refresh the content from Qobuz?

Thank you!

So I found a work-around… I added the playlist to my favories in the qobuz app… and then in roon went to my qobuz and it showed up. But it would still be nice if the playlists (or all content from qobuz for that matter) more closely represented what was being updated on the qobuz app.

They synch up but it depends what Qobuz have put in the queue and how often the synch is I think.

Ive waited most of the day and that play list still hasnt showed up… That refresh timer must be very slow ;(

Hi @Joe_Sharmer,

If you manually refresh Qobuz (see below) does the playlist sync over to Roon?

Nope… it looks like the playlists do not refresh from Qobuz… See the screenshot below. This is the list of new playlists from qobuz and below from roon. The roon playlists hasnt changed in a few days and also the search wont allow me to find those new playlists from qobuz in roon unless I add them to the my qobuz list…

So for example, Im looking for this Jazzwise - February 2019 playlist that I can see in the Qobuzx playlist that has been on Qobuz for days. If I go in to roon qobuz playlists and search for it, nothing show shows up.

Hi @Joe_Sharmer,

It looks like these are showing for me in Roon if you scroll down to Events & Media:

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