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Hi, I had a lot of playlists created. I just changed my roon server to a different option (From ROCK to Euphony). I signed in to the new server, some of my playlists are appearing but others are not. Why is this? How do I make my other playlists appear?

Is it possible to do a complete backup retrieval from an earlier backup? especially if the OS is different (ROCK to Euphony)?

Did you follow the roon advice for changing servers. Backup and restore if the roon database?

Well I backed up my previous server (Infact I still have access to it) The new euphony had an option to install Roon server and I did. My intention was the “restore from backup”, However I wanted to confirm, the OS change wont screw things up.

I am still not 100% sure about the playlists feature. The knowledge base says playlists are tagged to profile. How do I know which playlists are tagged to which profile? I (think) I only have one profile. So I assume all my playlists are tagged to my (only) profile. If I login to the new server, some of my playlists are automatically appearing, while the others are not. How do I know what profile these playlists are attached to?

If you have a streaming service and have logged into it then I would imagine it’s those.

Screenshot of playlists would help

This is a screenshot of the original server. It has 55 playlists in total.
I have both Qobuz and Tidal and logged into both on both servers.

The second pic is from my new server:
As you can see there are only 20 playlists. There is also one Qobuz playlist below when I scroll down.

You haven’t done a restore of your library so none of the roon playlists will be there. You will only get tidal and Qobuz ones.
Restore your backup and you will get them back.

Hi @Roon_Superuser,

When switching Cores you’ll want to make sure you’re following the instructions found here:


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