Regarding the issue of track information display under the album options in the library

Why is it that in Roon, after clicking into an album, some tracks show file information such as file format, sample rate, and bitrate, while others do not? How can I make it so that all tracks display the file format, sample rate, and bitrate of the track file? Thank you.

Showing some screenshots of what you are seeing would help.

AAC or MP3 and other lossy formats will show sample rate and bitrate they have no bitdepth. Flac, aiff, wav will show sample rate bit depth, bitrate is irrelevant for these formats so is not shown. MQA will show sample rate, bit depth and ORFs. DSD show the DSD rate possibley the sampling frequency don’t own any so can’t vouch for it.

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When the tracks of an album/compilation have different sample rate and/or bit depth, then in the album view, you will see it under each song, and at the top of the album it will say mixed formats.
But when all tracks have the same, then you will not see it under each song, but it will be under the album itself.


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