Regarding the issue of using Tailscale Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, the remote Roon Core host cannot find audio devices

Using Tailscale Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, define IP as, remote Roon Core host, unable to find audio device.
Using Zerotier Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, define the IP as, remote Roon Core host, where audio devices can be found and used normally.
Now I want to use Tailscale software, please resolve it. Thank you!!!

Did you know that Roon Labs provides setup instructions for Tailscale?

Did you use those relevant for your installation? If yes, which one? if not, can you please try and setup Tailscale for use with Roon following the suitable guide for your installation?

The settings are for the same network segment: roon server:, remote roon Core client:
What else needs to be set up?

Those instructions are only for ARC connectivity, not for “normal” Roon endpoints. Roon endpoint discovery uses IP multicast, which does not traverse Tailscale VPN. I experimented a while ago with various subnet routing tricks but I was unsuccessful and the complication wasn’t worth it.

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If this is not about ARC and therefore the provided guides don’t work then I assume were back at Roon doesn’t support VPN. Users trying to utilize a VPN for their use can look for / ask for help in the Tinkering section of the forum. This might be a starting point: Search results for 'tailscale #tinkering' - Roon Labs Community.

Thank you for your reply! Why do I use Tailscale? I used to use Zerotier all the time. Zerotier’s mobile support is not good, and I often have high ping. There is no problem with the PC end.

Very occasionally I get it too work using Tailscale and a local endpoint on the machine connected via Tailscale. But 99% of the time it won’t and when it does it tends to disappear as quickly as it appeared. No idea why it randomly works sometimes when you actually need it to it won’t.

Roon was never designed for discovery across vlans or vpns it’s not built into their discovery mechanism so to expect it to work via Taikscale which is its own subnet is a fools errand I am afraid. Until they change their entire discovery methodology which is unlikely then things will remain as they are. Remote access for Roon is via ARC and not Roon app.

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