Regarding to ROCK downgrade to Roon Bridge

I noted a KB for audio quality, as one of recommendations “Core and Output on separate devices”, therefore here is a bit confusion, should I separate core and output from a Intel NUC 7i7? That is currently running ROCK and mounted into a fanless chassis, if worth to try downgrade ROCK to a standalone Roon Bridge( if ROCK can be downgraded )?

Are using ROCK to direct attach to a DAC?

ROCK is an operating system that runs Roon Server. It is a Core and an Ouput. Roon Bridge is an Output only.

See this article.

Rather than making the NUC a Roon Bridge, you might prefer to use a network connection to a smaller device that can connect to your DAC. I use a microRendu in my main system and an Allo DigiOne in my partner’s system.

Yes, I’m using a USB cable connect ROCK to DAC via a USB interface.

There are many people running ROCK directly USB attached to their DAC and are very happy with the sound. It is entirely in the ear of the listener as to if a separate output device is better. Sometimes simple is best, more convenient and cheaper - and sometimes not :slight_smile:

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Very thanks for your recommendations, I will put eyes on MicroRendu :sunny:

very thanks for your reply, think so :wink:

Raspberry Pi is also an option with something like as the OS, it’s very affordable and easy to setup. Allo usbridge is another option but I personally prefer the ropieee os as the dietpi install on usbridge has been problematic for me and others when upgrading. I use ropieee an many endpoints in my house with no issues.

Thanks thanks thanks a lot!!! it’s a perfect solution for me :+1::+1::+1:

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Especially if you have one available…it’s free to try

My Ropieee is ready now, it works very well.
Very thanks for your helps!