Regarding UNIDENTIFIED albums...-

I am assuming that this is a metadata issue. I am in the process of fixing all the unidentified albums. Here’s how I got to the list. Collections:Albums:Focus:Inspector:click on identified: click on ‘+’ to make it’-’. And a list of all the unidentified albums are shown.
Here is the issue.
Since it is unidentified, these albums won’t be categorised. Therefore on a Genre search, all related Jazz unidentified albums will not show up. Same if I do a search for the Artist. Therefore changing the status of the unidentified album is a must.
If Roon identifies the album, great. But what if it doesn’t . (It’s unidentified in the first place because Roon doesn’t know what it is)
I am trying to identify the album manually by typing the artist and the album name, checking spelling etc. If room gives me the correct album the great.
In many cases Roon simply gives up. It either says that either my album is too new or it doesn’t exist and I should check back later on.
Problem is that this album remains unidentified indefinitely.
Is there a way where in I can manually tell Roon about the Name of Artist, Album and the Genre it belongs to. This way, it doesn’t remain unidentified.

I think a lot of these issues will be fixed in the new release.

Thanks, awaiting the new release.

@chrisbyrd is correct – our soon-to-be-live 1.1 release will include a number of new features and options related to genres.

You’ll be able to display the genres already in your file tags, as well as add or remove genres from albums or artists. You can also map the genres from your file tags to the genres already in Roon, so all your Jazz albums are grouped together, regardless of how they’ve been tagged.

All that said, I would still recommend trying to Identify albums first, before getting into manual editing. It’s easy to tag an album as Jazz, but matching an album to our database will also retrieve detailed information about the album’s recording and release dates, credits, labels, and more.

In some cases, your files may be very close to the version of the album in our database, but something about your files prevented Roon from being confident enough to match the album automatically. When looking over your unidentified albums, I would encourage you to start by searching the database before moving onto the manual edits.

Has this question from August, 2015, ever been resolved/fixed by Support? I have lots of “unidentified” albums and I don’t know how to provide enough data (e.g., re format, genre) to get them identified.

In terms of the usefulness of Roon’s cataloging capabilities, an “unidentified” album is absent.

PS: If tags somehow can be used to deal with this, please inform me about tags and how to use them.


Still many unidentified tracks here - also 1.3 bug on Mac - when importing tracks it keeps getting stuck; needs relaunch.