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I’m trying to get this album to appear correctly in Roon:

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

No, I’ve only edited the tags using Yate.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local files

Screenshot of import settings

Mostly Roon or Merge

Description of the issue

Originally, despite the disc being identified, all track titles were just: “Track 1”, “Track 2” etc. No names or works or anything.

In Yate I went through and added the title tracks to each track. Now these show up. Good!
In Yate I went through and added the work groupings for each seperate multi-track work. These do not show up in Roon. Bad.

How do I make them show up?

I have read the file tagging best practice page in Help. It seems to suggest that I will now have to create a tag for each part of each work and tag them all again - separately from having grouped them as works. Is that really necessary? Why is the work tag not actually doing any work here?


Have you told roon to prefer file data for multi-part composition grouping?

Hi Stan - yes, I’ve flicked this on and off a few times to no avail… :slight_smile:

@support any ideas?

Hey @ajl

Thank you for getting in touch with your question. It doesn’t look like our metadata partners have any information on this release. Allmusic has a shell entry that is resulting in the track numbering you’re seeing when using our metadata.

You’ll want to prefer your own tags on this one. To get things to appear in Roon in the way you desire you will need to use Work/Part tagging. You can find more details in this article from our Help Center:

thanks @jamie

So my next question is, do the work/part tags in Roon correspond to the Work Name and Movement Name tags in Yate, which `I am using to edit tags. Or do I have to figure out how to make my own tags (and do you have a cheat sheet for that?). (Note that, as I mentioned above, the tracks are already tagged into works with these Yate tags (although I have not yet used the movement tag), and this has not changed Roon’s behaviour).


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Another Roon user (@miguelito) produced an excellent explanation for how to do this here:

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terrific, thanks!

Great, so I have progressed. I now have the Roon panel, and Have created two user defined tags, Work and Part.

I presume that the already exisiting “Work Name” tag in Yate is not recognised by Roon as the same as the more simple “Work” tag. And the same for Yate’s “Movement Part” as opposed to just Part.

thanks again

Might be worth checking whether “Work Name” is the display name in Yate (vs. what is actually written).

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Update - I successfully used the work/part tags to fix the problem, and also now have the convenient Roon panel in my Yate. Thanks all for your input!!


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Thank you for the update @ajl. Glad to hear you met with success. :+1:t2: