Registration issue w/ HQPlayer - HELP

After work tonight, i tried to update my HQP to 3.17. Download went fine, but version is unregistered. I followed the steps to get a new key code. i was told i would receive a new key, but nothing. No email or anything else with new key. And, when I open help/register, there is no registration box. What do i need to do to get this working? Haven’t had trouble updating previously, felling a bit dumb.

And, because i just want to listen to some music, i disabled HQP from Roon so that i could just enable my Microrendu/Lampi dac to play soon without HQP. However, soon no longer sees the MR/Dac even when i refresh over and over. And, reboot MR over and over.

Help please, i just want to listen to some music. Thanks.

To get the Microrendu to work, you’ll need to enable Roon in the Audio App Switcher. You can do this from the Microrendu’s web configuration.

As for the HQPlayer issue, you’ll need to talk with @jussi_laako.

Ahh, I totally forgot about the MR side. Thanks.

After much playing around, got it registered again with new key!!

After spending some more quality time with Roon’s DSP, I am even more convinced that HQP is the way to go. far superior imho. Much quieter background and separation of voices and instruments. Good stuff.

But you still needed to come here for help…:wink:

Hqp is a bit tricky to use, no doubt. But, after my little forced side by side comparison, I was actually very surprised at the sq difference between the two. I found Hqp to be far better sounding. I had assumed the gap had narrowed more than it has. Worth the additional hassle imho.

And, of course, my temporary inability to get Roon connected to my MR was 100% my fault.

Only pulling your leg John. I don’t have the horse power to run HQP the way I’d like and with the cash in my hand I opted for Roon lifetime rather than a more powerful NUC. In that respect the changes in Roon have come to me with their better CPU utilisation and the gem that is ROCK, where as I would have had to chase improvements in HQP because of its uncompromising nature, and using a single machine I would have been wedded to Windows 10.

I think the same.
About all you just wrote

I need to look into ROCK…