Reinstall: Backup v. AppData Local Folders

My PC blew up and i have replaced.

I am ready to get ROON going and i am not sure of best next step.

It is installed. I have a ROON backup of about one week before the failure. I now also have all the Appdata local folders off the original C:drive.

I’d be happy to just copy/paste the (some of the?) old AppData files to the new C:Drive AppData/Local/ROON folder.

But will this work if ROON was running when the PC failed?
While folders in the new C drive AppData/Local/ROON folder do i replace.

Appreciate any guidance.

Hi @hshrader ----- Thank you for the report and sorry hear of the troubles with the mentioned PC.

In terms of getting back up and running I would recommend restoring from the mentioned backup. The only thing that you should be aware of is that you may need to re-map your watch folders in the application after the restore has taken place.